Will the Earth ever stop spinning?

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The way that the Earth spins around helps to give us day and night, which are very important to life on Earth. Turning away from the sun and then turning back towards it gives the planet the chance to warm up and then cool down often enough that it isn't too hot or too cold for us to live!

Scientists think the reason the Earth spins is because it was spinning when it was formed, and without anything around to stop it, it just keeps going. The speed of the Earth’s rotations has slowed down a little bit over time, but it’s a very, very little bit – so little that one single person could never notice the difference during his or her lifetime. The slight slowing of Earth’s spinning is caused by the pull of gravity coming from the moon. The good news is that it will be many millions of years before the Earth will slow down enough to even change anything like night and day or how many days there are in a year!

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    Counting on the calendar!What do you think it would be like to live with a different number of days in a year? If there were more days in the year, your birthday would come less often! Or if there were fewer days in a year, your birthday would come more often!!

    What would it be like to have longer or shorter days? Do you think it would affect things like sleeping and eating, or how many hours each day you spend at school?? What are some other things that might change?



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