Why is the sun yellow?

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The sky is blue, the grass is green, and the sun is yellow! But, why the yellow color?? Why not a polka-dotted sun instead?

The reason the sun usually appears yellow has to do with two things: Its heat and energy, and the place from where we’re looking at it.

Have you ever learned about the sun’s heat and light? Our sun has a lot of very, very hot energy, which is what makes it shine so brightly. Part of the sun’s color comes from its hot temperature. The sun’s heat gives off energies in lots of colors, but there are slightly more of them that appear yellow. If the sun were a bit cooler or a bit hotter, it might appear to be a different color like some other stars that appear red or blue.

The other factor that contributes to the sun’s color is how we look at it from Earth. Our planet’s special atmosphere causes the many colors contained within light to scatter in different directions. When it comes to the sun, the light energies we see as blue get scattered away, leaving us with a more yellow-red-orange looking sun! If you were to see the sun without the “filter” of our atmosphere, like from up in outer-space, it would actually appear more white!

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  • Further information

    Remember never to look directly at the sun because its bright, bright light can hurt your eyes, which are very delicate! If you want a good look at the sun, have a grown-up help you find some nice photographs of it!

  • Exploration


    Coloring Book!
    Draw a picture of a nice sunny day, but give everything mixed-up colors! For example, you could draw a purple sun, blue trees, and some nice orange water!

    Does it look funny to imagine the world this way? What do you think are some benefits to things all having the specials colors they have now?


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