Why is it so cold in winter?

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Bundle up! The reason it’s cold in winter is pretty “cool”!  
You might already know that the Earth travels around the Sun, but did you know that when it does, the Earth is actually tilted? Just like a person can lean, so does the Earth! 
During its summer months, the north part of the world is tilted toward the sun, but during the winter, it is tilted away, making it harder for sunlight to reach it.  When the sun shines, it gives off a lot of energy in the form of heat.  
The more a place is tilted away from the Sun, the chillier it will get!  
It’s all about the angle of the tilt! It might seem like it should be colder when the Earth is farthest from the Sun, but the Earth is actually as close to the Sun as it gets when the northern half of the planet has winter! 
Did you know that the south half of the world is having its winter when the north half of the world is having its summer?  That’s because when the North is tilted toward the sun, the South is tilted away.  When it is hot in the United States, it can be pretty cold in Australia.   
Those of us, who live in places where it is cold enough to snow, know that the snow lets us go sledding, build snowmen and make snow angels by lying down and moving our arms and legs.  Believe it or not, snow also helps plants grow!  When a blanket of snow covers the ground it actually traps heat below it, which can’t escape, and the cold air can’t get to it.  This helps to stop plants from getting too cold, which might hurt them and stop them from growing in the springtime.  Also, the melting snow helps make sure plants have plenty of water to drink!
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    Beach Weather or Ski Weather?

    Winter can get pretty cold in some places, but in some others, it can be pretty hot!  
    The high temperatures in January in New York City are usually around only 36°F. “F” means “degrees Fahrenheit,” which is usual way we measure temperature in the United States. Water freezes at 32°F and it boils at 212°F.  
    In the city of Acapulco, Mexico the January high temperatures are usually reach a hot 87°F. Meanwhile in chilly Moscow, Russia, the temperature usually only reaches 21°F.  That’s because Moscow is very far north and the Sun doesn’t warm it as much in the winter.  
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    Birds Escape the “Brr”!

    Have you ever seen a flock of birds flying, shaped like a “V” during the fall or spring?  Just where are they going?  Are they coming back??  
    Unlike people, birds can’t put on extra clothes to keep warm, so they like to fly to warmer places when winter comes.  When winter passes, they turn around and come back home after a nice and sunny vacation!  
    Have you noticed other animals seem to disappear in colder months?  Where do they go?  Some animals, like bears, can sleep through the entire winter to avoid the cold.  That’s a pretty long nap!
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