Why is bird poop white?

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SPLAT! – Have you ever been sitting in the park when you feel something land on your shoulder, and look over to find white, watery bird droppings where you least want them?? You’ve probably noticed that other animals, like dogs and cats, have brown poop which is not so different from your own, except maybe in size. So why do birds have white poo?

The answer is that a bird’s digestive system works differently than most animals you’re familiar with. Instead of pooping and peeing separately, birds basically do it all in one! The white “poop” is actually the bird’s version of pee, which is made white because the liquids in a bird’s diet are not dissolved and digested like yours are, leaving them white and creamy. The actual poop of a bird is a separate, less-liquidy, darker part, which comes out at the same time and is usually an additional part of the droppings. Gross!!

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