Why is a computer mouse called a mouse?

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Think about the last time you used a computer. Maybe you clicked on a part of the screen to start a fun game, or maybe you  scrolled down to see more of an interesting picture. A special computer tool called a mouse probably helped you to do these things!

A mouse allows you to point and click so you can give your computer important jobs to do. But how did the computer mouse get its name?

In 1968, a man named Douglas Engelbart created this special tool to help people control their computers. It was a small wooden block on wheels, and there was a long cable sticking out of the back, kind of like a tail! One of the researchers helping Mr. Engelbart with his creation called the tool a mouse, and presto! The new tool had a name!     

Later mouse devices were curvier and looked even more like mice than Mr. Engelbart’s first model, while some newer computer mouse devices don’t look much like rodents at all!

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