Why doesn't it hurt when I get my hair cut?

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Unlike when you accidentally fall down and cut your knee, it doesn't hurt at all when you get your hair cut! But why not? If it hurts to cut your knee, shouldn't it also hurt to cut your hair? Even though it might seem like it should, you don't feel any pain when your hair gets cut because hair does not have any nerves.

Nerves are little messengers inside your body which help to tell your brain when you are feeling certain things, such as pain, temperatures (like hot or cold), textures (like rough or soft), and more. Lots of parts of your body have these nerves, and they are very helpful with letting your body know what's going on.

But there are a few parts of your body that don't have any nerves, so they don't feel any pain! – Your hair is one of these parts!! Without nerves, you can get haircuts as often as you want, and you won't ever feel a thing!

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    Nerves are neat!Can you think of another part of your body where it seems like you must not have any nerves? The answer is your finger-nails, which you might have noticed also don't hurt when you get them cut!

    Why do you think it's helpful for most of your body to have nerves that send messages about how and what you're feeling up to your brain? Have you ever thought about how quickly your nerves are able to do their special job? – After all, it's only seconds after putting your hand under running water that is too hot that your brain has realized the temperature hurts, and you've pulled your hand away!



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