Why does the wind blow?

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Hold on to your hats! Believe it or not, the reason you feel wind is because of the way the sun heats the Earth!

When the sun’s rays shine down on Earth, their heat is absorbed differently in different places! The air above water, for example, does not heat up as quickly during the day as the air above land, resulting in different air temperatures. Because warm air rises and moves cold air out of the way, the unevenly heated air is put into movement and you feel like it’s windy!

Wind also blows because it has so many helpful purposes! For example, wind helps carry and disperse the seeds of plants like trees and flowers. Wind also helps bring you a cool breeze on a hot day and waves to play in at the beach! Wind is also a great source of energy. Have you ever seen a windmill or a wind turbine?? These awesome devices collect wind and turn it into energy that we can use! Neat!!


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    Some windy treats!

    There are lots of fun activities you can try on a nice, windy day! 

    Flying a kite is a great thing to try on a windy day. Have you ever made or flown a kite? They come in lots of neat shapes, sizes, and colors!

    Playing with a pinwheel or flying a toy plane could also be fun with some wind. You could even try tossing around a Frisbee or blowing bubbles outside -- you might be able watch them go twice as far!


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