Why does the Earth rotate?

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You may have learned about how the Earth rotates on an axis, spinning around and around to create day and then night! But why all of the spinning? Doesn't it just make the Earth get dizzy?

Scientists believe that the reason the Earth spins is that it was spinning when it was created! Planets and stars are formed when matter in outer-space such as dust and gasses began to spin together. The reason why Earth continues to spin is that there's nothing there to stop it! While some other planets are slowed down because of being near to the sun, Earth is in a place where that doesn't affect it. The moon does slow down Earth's rotations a little bit, but even that isn't enough of a difference that anyone would be able to notice it in his or her lifetime.

Having an Earth that spins is very helpful to life on our planet! Thanks to Earth's rotations, we're able to have night, day, weather, and more!

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    The Rotation Station!Get together with two of your friends and practice your best imitation of Earth's rotations! One friend should represent the sun, another Earth, and another the moon.

    Whoever is Earth needs to spin in place while also looping around the sun in its orbit. Make sure to swap places so that everyone can try out each position!



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