Why do woodpeckers peck wood?

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Woodpeckers are a very common type of bird and can be found in most parts of the world.  Maybe you’ve heard one tapping on a tree or maybe even a part of your house with its beak! Maybe it’s even woken you up in the morning.  What are those birds doing?!


There are a couple answers because their beaks are powerful tools that can be used in different ways. The tapping can be used to signal other birds in the area. Unlike people, they can’t talk, so the pecking is how they communicate!


They also use their beaks to chip away parts of dead trees. Once they chip away enough, they can make a cozy nest inside. 


Woodpeckers also use their beaks to make holes in trees to find little bugs crawling around in the bark.  Bugs are a very tasty meal for woodpeckers.  Gross!! 

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    Bird Neighbors!


    With all the different colors and sizes of birds, they can be very pretty and interesting to watch. Do you have a bird feeder around your home?  Bird feeders are an easy way to invite birds into your yard. 


    If you don’t have one, ask a grown-up to help you make one. There are lots of different ways, some as simple as stringing “O”-shaped cereal onto a piece of yarn.   See what kind of birds show up.  A grown-up will be able to help you identify them. Remember, birds are very shy around people, so it’s best to watch them from inside your home.


    If you want to attract woodpeckers, ask a grown up about getting something called “suet.” Suet is kind of icky.  It’s a type of fat, but it’s a favorite treat of woodpeckers!


    Happy bird watching! 

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