Why do we sweat?

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Sweat is your body’s natural way of cooling down. Most of the time you sweat when the temperature around you is hot or when you’re running around and exercising. – As the sweat comes out of your body, you cool off!

Sweat is made up of mostly water, and different people all sweat different amounts depending on their body and the conditions that are making them sweat. Our sweat comes out of tiny little openings just below our skin that are too small for us to see. These openings are known as sweat glands, and the typical adult has 2-5 million of them!! When sweat reaches the surface of our skin, it then evaporates, which cools us down!


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    Other reasons why people sweat can include being nervous or excited, having a fever, or even just eating spicy foods!

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    Sweat it off!Have you ever noticed that certain places on your body tend to get sweatier than others? What are some of the spots where you're usually the sweatiest? Armpits, forehead, and feet are spots where lots of people notice sweat.

    Why do you think these places on your body sweat more than others? Do you think there's a benefit to sweating from under your arms instead of under your ears? Does having sweat on your forehead maybe help your head to cool down? Why do you think that would be important??



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