Why do we stretch after waking up?

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In the morning, just after you’ve woken up, do you ever find yourself stretching-stretching-stretching before getting out of bed?? You probably stretch your arms, your back, your legs, your neck, and more!

When you’re lying in bed at night and sleeping, you don’t use your muscles the same way you do during the day. Because of that, your muscles often stay contracted and might become stiff. Additionally, the blood flow to your muscles changes while they stay so relaxed and still.

Upon waking up in the morning, stretching can help wake your sleepy muscles back up! It gives your muscles a chance to get going before you hop out of bed, bringing back the blood flow they’ll need and signaling to your brain that you’re going to go back to using your muscles in the daytime way.  

So the next time your body prompts you to stretch, stretch away and help yourself get moving!

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