Why do we have to eat?

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What happens to a car when you don't fill it up with gas? It stops running, right? Now think of your body as a car, and food as the gas you have to put in it what do you think would happen if you didn't eat?

We need to eat because the nutrients in food is what causes our body to work! It gives us energy, helps us grow, and makes sure that all of our organs perform like they should.  Not eating can make you tired, cranky, and even sick if you don't eat for a long time. And what you eat is just as important as when cookies and candies are fun "sometimes" foods, but it's the vitamins and minerals in fruits, vegetables, and proteins that make us healthy and strong!

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    Square Meal
    Ask a parent if you can help them make dinner tonight! Perhaps you can wash and rip up some lettuce for a salad, or help them measure ingredients. Not only will you get to see exactly what efforts go into your meal, but isn't it more fun to eat food you've prepared yourself?


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