Why do we have belly buttons?

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When a baby is growing inside its mother, it's not able to breath or eat like you do instead, it gets its air and nutrients straight from Mom through a tube connected to its belly. This tube is called an "umbilical cord," and is where our belly buttons (also called "navels") come from.

After the baby is born, a doctor will cut the umbilical cord since the baby can now breathe and eat on it's own. (Don't worry, there are no nerves in the umbilical cord so cutting it doesn't hurt the baby!) Within a few days the stump will dry up and fall off on its own, and what's left behind is the baby's very first scar: a belly button! 


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    Did you know?Humans aren't the only ones with belly buttons! Every mammal is born with an umbilical cord that, soon after birth, falls off and leaves a mark where it was attached “” it's just harder to see animals' belly buttons because of their fur or size.


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    In or out?Not everybody's belly button looks the same “” you may have seen some that go "in," or others that poke "out," but what causes a person's belly button to look like that anyway?? While there are various theories, such as the thought that how the doctor handles the umbilical cord after the baby is born influences the belly button's appearance, most scientists believe that the whether a person has an "innie" or an "outie" is completely random and depends only on how that specific body heals itself!


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