Why do we get old?

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Think about the grown-ups in your life.  How are they different from you? They’re probably much taller. Do they have wrinkles in their skin?  Are their noses bigger than yours? Is their hair gray? Most grown-ups will tell you they wish they were young again, but there’s no going back in time. Everyone grows up!

Why does that happen?  It’s because our bodies want us to be adults, so we can take care of ourselves!  We start out as babies, only weighing a few pounds.  From there we take about twenty years to get to our adult size. We get taller, we get stronger, and we get smarter!  Eventually we’re able to take care of ourselves and maybe even take care of our own babies that will grow up too someday!

After we’re done growing, we still keep getting older and aging. Gravity, the force that pulls everything to the ground has effects on our bones and on our skin. Our bones shrink and we actually get shorter.  Our skin loses its stretchiness and it sags. We get wrinkles! We can’t keep growing forever, and eventually our bodies get tired.  Getting old isn’t a bad thing though! If we live healthy lives and make good choices, we’ll have lots of years to enjoy once we grow up!

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    Under a Microscope!Our bodies are made of little tiny pieces called cells. Cells are too small to be seen with just our eyes. You need a microscope!  There are blood cells, muscle cells, skin cells, hair cells and many, many more.  Basically, these cells are like tiny offices where different workers perform different tasks to get the job done.  Their job is to make the different parts of our body work!

    When we’re growing we make a lot of cells! They make copies of themselves very quickly. The more cells we have, the bigger we are! Sometimes cells get sick, and sometimes they just finish doing their jobs. When those things happen, the cells stop working. This isn’t anything to worry about.  It happens all the time! Our skin cells are only on our bodies for a few weeks before we shed them. Then they become the dust in our homes.  

    As we get older, our bodies can’t make new cells as fast as we can when we’re young.  Without the new cells, our bodies get weaker.  Muscles and bones can’t grow as quickly. This is why older people have trouble keeping up with younger people, and why they don’t heal as quickly when they get sick.  This is just one of many reasons why we get older, and again, if you take good care of yourself and stay healthy, your cells will be healthy too!



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    Tall TaleMost grown-ups are between five feet and six feet tall.

    The tallest person in medical history is Robert Wadlow.  He was born in Illinois and lived from 1918 to 1940.  During those years he reached an incredible height of 8 feet 11 inches! That’s taller than some adult elephants!

    Imagine you were that tall. Would you like being that size? You’d be able to reach things off of any shelf! What would some difficulties be?  Most rooms have ceilings that are eight feet high.  It would be pretty hard to walk around if you were taller than the ceiling!

    How tall are you right now?  How tall do you think you’ll grow? If you know how tall your parents are, that might help you guess.  What are the good things about how tall you are right now?  Chances are you won’t be that size for very long, so enjoy it while you’re there!



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