Why do we eat turkey on Thanksgiving?

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Lots of Americans cannot think of turkey without thinking of Thanksgiving, and cannot think of Thanksgiving without thinking of turkey! The two tend to go hand-in-hand! Where does this turkey-rific tradition come from?

There is no single answer to exactly when or why we started eating turkey on Thanksgiving, but it’s a practice that Americans have had for a very long time! It is said that at the “first” Thanksgiving in 1621, some of the colonists went out “fowling,” or hunting for poultry for their feast. While we don’t know for sure that they ate turkey, it’s possible that birds such as wild turkey, goose, or duck were on the menu
People also attribute turkey’s practicality and affordability to its popularity. Most people who eat turkey on Thanksgiving today do so because it’s tradition, although it’s likely that this tradition came from availability; while other meats were expensive, turkey was both available and tasty! – Yum! 
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    While turkey is often thought of as the “centerpiece” of a Thanksgiving table, there are lots of other really tasty options for vegetarians or people who don’t want to have turkey. Savory vegetable pies, roasted squash, grilled mushrooms, and hearty vegetable stews can fill a table and be so delicious that you’d never even know the bird wasn’t there!

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    Gobble Gobble!Here is a fun Thanksgiving craft you can do at home!

    Get a blank piece of paper and some crayons. Place your hand down on the piece of paper, and have a grown-up help you trace around it, making sure to go over and under every finger.

    Use your hand-print as the outline of your very own turkey! Add a beak to the end of your “thumb” to make the turkey's head, and color in the rest of your fingers as big, fluffy feathers! Don't forget to add the turkey's gobbling “wattle” underneath its neck! (It's that fleshy skin that is so unique to a turkey's special look!)



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