Why do squirrels collect nuts?

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If you were a squirrel, some of your favorite foods would probably be nuts and seeds like acorns! Have you ever seen a squirrel in a park or a forest, running around with acorns and burying them or collecting them into piles? Why do they do this??

The reason why squirrels collect nuts is to prepare for winter, when it becomes harder for them to find food!

Because nuts and seeds are not readily available in winter, squirrels spend a lot of time in the fall collecting them to prepare! In the middle of winter, when there aren’t new nuts or seeds falling from the trees, squirrels can rely on their storage for food to eat! 

Another cool benefit to squirrels who collect and bury nuts is that it helps trees! Squirrels bury many nuts, but usually don’t retrieve all of them. The ones that stay buried in the ground sprout into new trees! – Awesome!!

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