Why do spiders spin webs?

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A spider is a special kind of bug that always has eight legs and a body in two parts: The head and the abdomen. Aside from their eight legs, one of the things spiders are most famous for is the special sticky silk they make and the webs they often build with it! 
Not all types of spiders build webs, but for those that do, the web’s main purpose is to help the spider catch bugs! Most of the web’s silk strands are sticky, so any bug that flies into the web will get stuck. Spiders want and need to catch bugs because this is what they eat!
Because they eat bugs, spiders are very helpful to humans. If there were no spiders, think of all the pesky flies and other bugs we’d have! Although some people might say it’s yucky to think about spiders eating bugs, others might say it’s interesting… and most likely, spiders call it “delicious”!
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    Spider safety: While the majority of spiders are not harmful to humans, some do carry poisonous venom that is dangerous to people. If you see a spider, the best thing to do is to just stay away from it, and always tell a grown-up right away if you get bitten by one.  
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    Did you know that there are special ways human sometimes use spider silk?? Because it’s so strong, fisherman have been known to use the webs of a certain kind of spider to help them catch small fish!
    Spider silk was also once used to cover wounds in certain parts of the world! Spider silk is amazingly strong, and scientists are always studying it to try and copy it so we can use its awesome abilities too!
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