Why do some twins look alike?

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Do you know anyone who is a twin? If so, does your friend look like his or her twin or do they look different? Why is it that some twins look alike, but others do not?
When it comes to twins, there are two types: Identical and non-identical (also known as “fraternal”). 
You might be able to guess by the term “identical” that it’s those types of twins who usually look alike. The reason identical twins look so similar is that they came from the same egg inside their mother before they were born. Identical twins happen when an egg splits in half, creating two babies who look the same! Because they come from one split egg, identical twins are the same gender – both boys or both girls.
On the other hand, non-identical (fraternal) twins come from different eggs just like any other set of siblings, except unlike other siblings, they are born at the same time! As with all brothers and sisters, fraternal twins sometimes look similar and sometimes do not. Because they have come from two different eggs, fraternal twins are not always the same gender – they can be two boys, two girls, or one of each! 
Remember that twins, identical or not, are two separate, different people who deserve to be treated like the unique and special individuals they are! People who are twins often have a lot in common, but often have different interests and likes, too!!
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