Why do some eggs have two yolks?

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Have you ever been helping a grown-up to cook, and cracked open an egg to discover two yolks??

Most of the eggs we eat come from chickens, and as you probably already know, laying eggs is the way chickens (and other birds) have their babies. Of course, the eggs we eat are ones that are unfertilized, meaning there are no baby birds inside of them. In spite of this, the unfertilized eggs still have their same yolk, which is the special food-source used by baby chickens when they’re inside of an egg.

Occasionally, a mother-chicken will accidentally end up with two yolks inside of her egg instead of just one! This normally happens when the mother-chicken is young and her body is still getting used to egg-laying. So long as the egg is fresh, eating an egg with two yolks is perfectly fine! Just be careful if you’re using a two-yolked egg for baking – the extra yolk could throw off the balance of ingredients in your recipe.

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    Two yolks… better than one?

    Some people say finding an egg with two yolks in it is a sign of good luck! Does your family have any beliefs or superstitions about eggs with two yolks?? What other similar sayings and ideas have you heard about things that bring good luck?
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