Why do so many people like chocolate?

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Did someone say… chocolate?! – Not everyone likes the same foods, but you might feel like chocolate is something a whole bunch of people really like! Scientists and researchers have done a lot of studies on why people crave and enjoy chocolate so much. There are lots of ideas and studies about different things that might make it so appealing!
Chocolate has hundreds of naturally occurring chemicals in it that have been shown to have “feel good” affects on our bodies, which probably contribute to why people like it! One good example is that certain substances in chocolate have been shown to help your body produce more of a special chemical known as “serotonin.” Because serotonin makes us feel relaxed, eating chocolate has a pleasurable, relaxing effect that makes you feel good!
Just like serotonin, there are chemicals in our bodies that chocolate might affect, in addition to other ways it’s been shown to influence people’s moods and feelings. Lately, chocolate is being praised for having lots of different healthy qualities that can be good for you! – Of course, too much of anything usually isn’t a very good idea, but having a little bit of chocolate sometimes is probably okay!
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    Listening to your body!

    Lots of people often say they “crave” chocolate, and many scientists say that's because their bodies know it will help them to produce more “feel good” chemicals!

    What are some other ways your body tells you about what it needs? One good example is when something hurts – pain is your body's way of sending you the message that it needs some help from you!

    Can you think of any other examples??

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