Why do polar bears live on ice?

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It is so cold up on the Arctic Ocean where polar bears live (and also where the North Pole is) that the ocean is covered with ice! Most animals couldn’t survive up there, but polar bears can! How they do it is pretty cool.

They have very thick fur and a lot of fat, called "blubber," that keeps them warm. They also have very wide feet that help them spread their weight out so they don’t fall through the ice. Otherwise, the ice might crack and they might get stuck in the water.

Polar bears also like to hunt seals, which live under the ice. Polar bears have much longer necks than most other bears. This lets them find holes in the ice and reach their heads far down to catch seals.

Their bodies are built for a life on ice! In fact, if they lived anywhere warmer, they could overheat, which is not very healthy for them at all!

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    Fashion Forward

    Polar bears feel quite at home in the cold of the Arctic. Some people like to live up there too, but usually not quite as far north. Eskimos are a famous group of people that live in these very cold places, but people can live almost anywhere on earth. Why can we live in so many different places, but polar bears need to be very far north?     

    Humans are lucky. We have clothes! We can dress in lots of heavy layers for very cold weather and in very few light layers for hot weather. Ever since people have started wearing clothes, we’ve been able to live in lots of different places. We also have inventions like heating and air conditioning to help us out too!  

    Think about the animals that live in your area of the world. Are there any special things about them that make your area the perfect home for them? Maybe it’s a type of fur? Maybe it’s their size? Maybe it’s a special ability they have? It’s really pretty amazing how animals adapt and change to live in the world around them!

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