Why do people smile when they're happy?

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When you’re feeling good, most likely there’s a big smiling grin on your face. So, why do we smile when we’re happy?

Smiling is one of many facial expressions, referring to things we do with our faces that show others how we’re feeling. In addition to smiling, other facial expressions include anger, surprise, fear, sadness, and disgust. Can you think of the different way we hold our faces when we’re feeling each of these things?

Most scientists believe that the reason we use facial expressions like smiling is because it helps others to know how we’re feeling. In fact, it’s believed that some facial expressions are understood the same way all around the world! Some research also suggests that smiling when we’re happy helps us to experience the happy moment even more thoroughly! Smile on!

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    Smile for a mileAside from smiling, what are some other things you do when you are happy? Some people might hum or sing when they are happy. Others might laugh or even skip!

    Have you ever noticed that smiling is kind of “contagious,” and that when someone else is smiling, you start smiling too?! Smiling can make you feel good, so smile away!



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