Why do people laugh?

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Ha ha ha! A good laugh can be a lot of fun, but scientists don’t have one definite answer about why we do it. We often think of laughter as a response to a joke, but lots of research actually shows that laughing is more about relationships between people. (Meaning that you might sometimes laugh just because you’re bonding with a good friend, even if no one is telling knock-knock jokes!) Laughing is also a way of sharing how we feel with the people around us. Some research even shows that we might have the instinct to laugh because laughing is good for us! Laughing can help make you feel better if you’re worried or anxious or sick.

All people are born with the ability to laugh. In fact, most babies laugh for the first time when they’re just a few months old, before they can even talk! Of course, many people also laugh when they’re tickled. Laughing is also neat because we can’t do it on purpose. A real, true laugh is part of a special and fun moment!

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