Why do people go to jail?

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A jail, also sometimes called a prison, is a place where people are held after they’ve broken a very serious law. Laws are created by governments to keep people safe and maintain fairness among citizens. When someone breaks a law, like by stealing, they’re often sent to jail. Jails prevent people who break the law from having the chance the break it again. Sometimes, prisoners who have done wrong spend time in jail learning about how to lead a better life when they get out!

Being in prison is not a fun or desirable thing! In jail, people do not have as much freedom as they would have otherwise. They are given the basic things they need, such as a place to sleep, clothes to wear, and food to eat, but they have less choices than everyone else. For example, prisoners wear uniforms and cannot chose what they want to wear. People in jail also don’t have the freedom to play outside or go to the movies.

Depending on what they’ve done wrong, some people are only in jail for a little while. If a prisoner has learned how to be better, that person is sometimes let out of jail. But avoiding jail in the first place is always a much better choice! -- Following the law and always doing the right thing is certainly much easier!

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    Pros & Cons

    Do you think that sending people to jail when they've done something wrong is a good idea? What are the advantages to this system, and what are the disadvantages?

    If you were able to make the law, would people go to jail when they've done something wrong? Aside from prison, what do you think would be some other options for people who have broken the law?



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