Why do people divorce?

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There are lots of reasons people give for divorcing. You may hear them say they have grown apart. They may say they have stopped loving each other. They may disagree about things, argue, and say they just can't get along anymore. Usually, it is not just one thing but a combination of things that lead to a divorce.

When parents talk about divorcing, it can be upsetting for kids who usually want their parents to stay together. They may wonder why parents can't put aside their differences and keep the family together. If you are confused about why your parents are divorcing, talk to them about it.

One thing for sure is parents don't divorce because of kids. Talking to you parents about the reasons they are divorcing will help you understand that it's NOT YOUR FAULT!

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    There are probably things you have wondered about but haven't talked to anyone about. That may be because you have been afraid or maybe just because you didn't know how to bring them up. Be brave and talk about one of those things with a parent or trusted adult now!

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