Why do people and animals die?

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When things break, they stop working. Our toys sometimes break and we can't play with them anymore.  Usually we can find a way to fix them but sometimes there is no fixing and they are broken forever.  We can feel very sad about our broken toys and we miss playing with them. We can always remember our fun times with our toy.
People and animals have things that can break and stop working too. When parts of a body stop working or break, they can usually be fixed; there are different things that can help, like medicine or an operation.  An operation is a way for doctors to try to fix something inside the body. Operations happen in hospitals where doctors and nurses use their training and knowledge to do their best to fix the problem.
But sometimes, when a body is very old or very sick, it can't get stronger and the fixing doesn't work; the body stops working and the person or animal dies. – All things have a beginning, middle, and end: this is their life.
When a person or animal has died, there are no more feelings in the body; it does not feel hurt, it does not feel anything. The deceased person or animal does not feel lonely because their feelings have stopped too and this does not hurt them. People and animals always know how much they are loved by how we treat them when they are alive; when their bodies are alive, their feelings are alive too. When a body stops working and dies everything in them stops. What never stops are our feelings and memories of them - that never has to go away. We will always miss the people and animals we love, but we will always have them in our hearts.
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    Life spans
    Most people live a long time unless they become very sick or there is an accident. Animals’ lives are not always as long as humans. While some animals, like elephants, can live for over 70 years, others such as hamsters usually live for 1 or 2 years. It might seem sad that an animal like a hamster only lives a short time like 1 or 2 years, but to the hamster, 1 or 2 years is a long life! 
  • Exploration

    Suggested Activities:
    1. Create Memory books: Pictures and stories about the person or animal we loved who has died. These provide a way for children to revisit the loss in ways that are supportive and respectful.
    2. Learn about funerals for animals as well as humans.  Children should be encouraged to attend the funerals of important people in their lives and they should also be helped to plan a burial ritual for their pets.  The Tenth Good Thing About Barney, by Judith Viorst, provides an excellent  example.
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