Why do my eyes have sand in them when I wake up?

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There are lots of names for that crusty feeling your eyes sometimes have when you wake up in the morning! “Sleepies,” “crusties,” “eye boogers,” “sand,”… and more!

Your eyes are very delicate, so they’re made to help keep themselves safe and clean. During the day, your eyes naturally blink and tear to wash away unwanted dirt and germs that come your way. But at night, when your eyes stay closed, your body relies on something a little different.

The nose, eyes, and mouth all produce a water-like fluid known as “rheum.” At night, the rheum gathers together any dirt or germs and leads them away from the sensitive parts of your eyes, usually towards the little pink corners on either side of your nose. The rheum, and any of the crud it’s collected, then dries up while you sleep, leaving you with a crusty feeling in the morning that feels like a visit from the sandman!


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    Protect yourself!Just like the sleepies in your eyes protect them from unwanted dust and dirt, your bodies has lots of other ways of protecting itself from unwanted things! What are some other examples you can think of??

    Your eyelashes are another way your eyes help defend against debris that might try to sneak its way inside. Eyelashes catch dirt before it even reaches your eye!

    Believe it or not, boogers are another example! Boogers are in charge of ushering unwanted germs and dirt out of your nose, just like the eye-sand ushers unwanted dirt out of your eyes!

    What other things can you think of??




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