Why do I need to eat vegetables?

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Have you ever wished you could eat candy all the time?? What is it about vegetables that make them so important?

One reason veggies are important is that they’re naturally filled with good-for-you vitamins your body needs! Your body doesn’t make vitamins – you have to give them to your body through the foods you eat. There are even some vitamins your body needs you to be gobbling up regularly, which is why you should eat vegetables every day! Vegetables are also really low in calories and full of healthy fiber!

People who eat lots of vegetables (and fruits) have been shown to be less likely to get certain sicknesses. Plus, when you eat veggies across a rainbow of colors, it helps you get lots of the different nutrients you need!

The best news of all is that vegetables can be DELICIOUS! If you don’t like a certain veggie the first time you eat it, talk to the grown-ups in your family about preparing it differently next time. When it comes to meals and snacks, the possibilities are endless!

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    When it comes to vitamins, lots of people often look to supplements and fortified foods, instead of foods like vegetables. While it certainly can’t hurt to take vitamin supplements, it’s also good to keep in mind that it’s often best to get a nutrient from the food in which it is naturally found, instead of in a supplement or a processed food into which it has been put. 
    For example, many people agree that it’s better to get Vitamin C by eating fruits and vegetables that are naturally high in this nutrient (such as peppers and oranges) than from something like a cereal or a supplement where Vitamin C has been added. Lots of new research suggests that our bodies process these nutrients better when we eat them from whole foods instead of manufactured ones. Of course, many scientists, doctors, nutritionists, and food experts have different opinions about these ideas. – It’s usually a good idea to listen to the guidance of your parents and your doctors, and to listen to your body and do things that make you feel healthy!
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    Beyond the salad bar!



    Eating right is very important -- it can be easy and fun to eat foods that are good for you like fruits and vegetables… not to mention that it can be tasty, too!
    Ask some of your family and friends what their favorite healthy foods are. This might give you good ideas for some things you’d like to try! If you find enough good, healthy recipes, you and a grown-up could spend an afternoon preparing them together to serve as dinner for your family!
    You can also have a grown-up help you look for some interesting new recipes that will put your fruits and veggies in a whole new light! Have you ever eaten a pumpkin cookie? They’re delicious, and they’re a chance to eat some more veggies while you treat yourself to a cookie! And what about orange soup?? Did you ever think you would eat fruit in a soup?! Look up some recipes and give it a try!
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