Why do I have to brush my teeth?

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Grown-ups and dentists might tell you it’s important to brush your teeth every day because “it helps you have a nicer smile.” But why does it give you a nicer smile? What if you don’t want to show your teeth when you smile -- do you still have to brush your teeth?

Brushing your teeth every day helps you have a nicer smile because it prevents you from getting cavities, which are kind of like small holes in your teeth! (Yikes!) Cavities happen when the bacteria in your mouth don’t get brushed away and have the chance to eat the sugar that also stays on your teeth when you haven’t brushed. When they eat the sugar, they produce acid which then can cause the cavity-holes to form!

If you get a cavity it can be painful, and it might make it difficult to chew and eat your food. Even if the cavity isn’t hurting, the dentist will still usually need to fill it up because it can otherwise get worse. Sometimes the filling a dentist puts in can also be a bit painful before it’s finished, but do your best to remember that it’s preventing you from a lot more pain later one! Hopefully if you brush your teeth regularly you’ll be able to avoid painful cavities and you’ll have a whole lot to smile about!


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