Why do donuts have holes in them?

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Have you ever noticed that two delicious foods – donuts and bagels – each have mysterious holes in their middles..?! Is the hole there because the baker thought his creations were so delicious that he decided to take a bite out of the middle of each one?? 

The answer is that bagels and donuts have holes in them because of the way they are cooked – donuts being fried and bagels being boiled. Since they are so dense and full inside, the heat used during cooking wouldn't be able to reach all the way into the middle to cook the center if these yummy baked goods were simply disc-shaped with no hole!

Some people also say the hole once served another purpose, which was to help bakers display and sell their treats! Thanks to the hole, bagels and donuts could be strung together and hung up on display, or carried around on a stick for easy sale on-the-go!

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    Something in the middle!

    Donuts and bagels are almost always round, but occasionally you might see some that are square, instead! What other shapes could a baker possibly use for a donut? Maybe a triangle?? Why do you think the circular shape has become the most popular??

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