Why do dogs pant?

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You might already know about what your body does when it’s too hot – you sweat, and this helps to cool you down! But since dogs don’t have as many sweat glands as we do, they need a different method for cooling themselves down when they’re too warm, and this is why they pant! – Panting is a dog’s version of sweating!

Panting refers to when a dog sticks out his or her tongue and breathes quickly. Breathing in the extra air helps a dog to cool down! Some dogs (like bulldogs and pugs) are likely to pant more than others. Breeds like these have to pant more to get the extra air they need because they have small snouts!

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  • Further information

    Even though dogs have their handy panting-system for cooling down, too much heat can be dangerous for dogs. Don’t leave a dog in a hot car, and make sure to always provide plenty of water! Tell a grown-up right away if you ever think your dog is panting unusually.
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    Cool it off!

    Just like dogs pant instead of sweat, other animals also have their own special cooling systems!

    For example, did you know that elephants actually use their big ears to help cool themselves off?? And do you know what pigs do to cool down?? – The answer is they roll around in the mud!

    What are some other animals you've learned about who have special cooling techniques?
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