Why do dogs have wet noses?

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Have you ever noticed that dogs almost always have wet, cold noses? Does this mean they constantly need a tissue??

There are several reasons why dogs have wet noses. One reason is that most dogs lick their noses a lot! Having a wet nose helps a dog to keep itself cool. Wet noses also help dogs pick up on smells. Did you know that dogs rely a lot on sniffing to pick up information from their surroundings??

Some dogs just naturally have noses that are more dry than others, so even though sometimes a dry-dog-nose means a dog is sick, that’s not always the case. And if a dog does get its drippy nose on you, there’s no need to worry that it might be dog-boogers, but it would be a good idea anyway to wash your hands afterwards!

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    Tongue and nose!Most dogs can reach up to their noses with their tongues pretty easily, but the same thing is pretty hard for most humans!

    Can you touch your tongue to your nose? Try it out and see! – Do you know anyone who can??



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