Why do clouds disappear?

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Have you ever woken up to a cloudy day, but then noticed after an hour or two that all the clouds have disappeared? Or maybe you’ve seen clouds crawling across the sky and going somewhere else. Why do clouds disappear, and where do they go?!

Clouds are formed when tiny, light droplets of water or crystals of ice that are floating in the sky hold on to each other. The reason a cloud will “disappear” is because sometimes the weather warms up and turns the droplets and crystals from their ice-like or liquid-like state into something called “water vapor,” which is their gas-state. Even though you can’t see it, water vapor is often up in the sky and it plays a big part in our weather! When a cloud’s droplets turn into water vapor, the cloud “disappears”!

Another reason why clouds will disappear is because the wind will blow them across the sky and off to some other place! The different movements and changes in clouds play an important part in our weather, bringing rain and shade and sun to different places at different times!

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  • Exploration

    Cloud race!

    The next time the wind pushes the clouds across the sky on a really windy day, watch them as they go! Pretend like it’s a Cloud Race and pick a cloud to root for! 

    Do certain clouds move faster than others? Does it seem to have to do with anything like their shape and size or their distance from the ground??

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