Why do cats purr?

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When you hear the steady hum of a cat’s purr, it’s hard not to smile! This peaceful sound may make you wonder what your cat is thinking and feeling at that moment. Are cats trying to tell us something when they purr?
As it turns out, cats purr for a variety of reasons. While nobody but the cat truly knows the reason for purring, many people (including veterinarians) believe the sound is one way for cats to show comfort and happiness. After all, kittens learn to purr when they are a couple of days old, and it’s thought that the humming noise lets the mother cat know “I’m okay, Mom all is well.” Kittens can’t meow and nurse at the same time, but they sure can purr, and when the mother cat hears her baby purr, she will often purr back!   
If cats purr when they are content, why do they sometimes purr when they are injured or sick? Some think the purring is a way for cats to calm and reassure themselves in times of distress, and that purring may even have a healing effect on these furry feline animals! 
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