Why do cats have whiskers?

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Although cat whiskers might just look like silly moustaches, they’re actually mainly used for sensing information! 
What are the five senses that your body uses for picking up information about the world around you? – If you said “sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing,” then you’d be right!
Just like your body has ways of learning about the world around you, so do other animals! For a cat, its whiskers are one of the important things it uses to determine things about its surroundings!
A cat’s whiskers, also sometimes called vibrissae, are highly sensitive to touch. The whiskers are at least twice as thick as the rest of a cat’s normal hairs and are more deeply rooted into the cat’s face, too. Whiskers can help a cat sense the flow of air (and with it, the placement of objects in its surroundings) and can help a cat pick up on changes in temperature! Whiskers also help cats to determine sizes. A cat’s whiskers are about as wide as its body, so cats know that if their whiskers can fit through an opening, then usually their body can too!
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    Think about how it would be different if a big part of your sense of touch came through whiskers on your face! 
    Are there certain things that would be easier to do? Are there things that would be harder to do? Do you think that having sensitive whiskers is more helpful to cats then it would be to humans? Why or why not??
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