Why do cats flick their tails?

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A cat’s tail can tell us many things about the animal’s mood and feelings. After all, cats communicate with their tails! For example, a cat may hold its tail straight in the air with a slight curve at the tip or slowly wag the tail back and forth. While these positions and motions can indicate a mellow or happy animal, other tail signals may show that your furry friend is getting a little worked up…

When a cat flicks its tail back and forth, this motion can be a sign that he or she is annoyed, upset or excited. A flick of the tail may mean that the cat is engaged in hunting and about to attack its prey, or that the cat is feeling extra playful and is ready to pounce. 

At other times, the tail flick may show that the cat is getting angry. If you approach a cat that is irritated or ready for more aggressive play, you run the risk of being scratched. In other words, if your furry friend is quickly flicking his or her tail, it may be a good idea to leave the cat alone until he or she has calmed down!

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    Not every tail flick is a sign of agitation. For example, sometimes cats’ paws and tails flick while they are sleeping. In addition, a cat may give a quick flick of the tail to express joy, for example, in response to hearing his or her name. Keep in mind that other clues, such as the cat’s body, fur and ear positions, can help determine the mood behind the motion of the tail!
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