Why do camels have humps?

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When you think of a camel, one of the first things you might think of is the camel’s hump! The reason why camels have humps is because most camels live in the desert, where there isn’t always a lot of food or water. Because they sometimes have to go for a very long time without finding food or water, they must have a way of storing supplies for their bodies to use when there isn’t anything to eat or drink. – A camel’s hump is full of fat that it can use for energy when food and water are scarce!

A camel with lots of good storage in his or her hump can go a week or two without water, and even longer (a month or more!) without food. When they do drink water, camels can gulp down as much as 30 gallons in just a few minutes. – That’s about half of the amount your bathtub can hold!!   

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    Because it stores supplies, a camel’s hump is somewhat similar to a backpack you might take along when you go for long walks or hikes.

    What would you pack in your backpack if you had to walk for a longer time? Some good examples include lots of water; foods like trail mix, nuts, or sandwiches; a compass; a flashlight; batteries; and a sweater. What other helpful supplies can you think of??

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