Why do burps make funny sounds?

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Sometimes it might seem like your body is full of strange noises – from your rumbling hungry stomach to occasional gas or burping, it’s like a big musical concert!
If you guessed that the funny noise when you burp is the sound of the air escaping your throat, then you guessed correctly! The medical name for this part of your throat is your “esophagus” (try saying that three times fast!) and the sound of a burp is made from air and sometimes a little bit of liquid as they push their way out!
Often, you can make a burp quieter as it escapes, which is usually considered more polite for the other people around you – just try closing your mouth as the burp comes out. Remembering to say “excuse me” is also a good idea!
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    Belch it out!According to Guinness World Records, the loudest known burp was 107.1 decibels. To give you an idea of how loud that is, the sound of most chainsaws and motorcycles are about 100 decibels, so it was even louder than that!!



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