Why do bunnies wiggle their noses?

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Why do bunnies wiggle their noses? Is it because their nose is itchy and they're about to sneeze??

The answer is that bunny rabbits mostly wiggle their noses as a way of expressing interest in what they see or think! A really fast wiggle-wiggle-wiggle usually means the bunny is really interested in something, while less nose wiggling means he or she is feeling calm, and there's less to think and wiggle about. A completely still nose might mean the rabbit thinks it needs to run, or that the rabbit is really interested or confused by something.

Sometimes bunnies also wiggle their noses because it can help them with extra breathing or smelling, or because it helps them to release heat, like a dog who pants!

Have you ever tried to wiggle your nose? Why don't you try it right now!

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