Why do boys have testicles?

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Testicles are part of the set of organs that make up a boy’s reproductive system. 
The testicles are located inside a sac of skin, called the scrotum, which hangs just below the penis. The scrotum protects the testicles and keeps them at a steady temperature.
Testicles produce sperm. Sperm are the itty-bitty cells that carry half the genes a baby will inherit from its parents. Sperm created in the testicles can fertilize a woman's egg to create a baby. The testicles connect to a duct system, made of the vas deferens and prostate, which moves sperm out of the body through the penis.
Testicles can produce hormones, too. During puberty, the time when a child’s body grows into its adult shape, testicles produce some of the hormone testosterone.
Testicles are special to boys’ bodies. The most similar body part on a girl is the ovary, inside a girl’s body. Ovaries contain eggs, which carry the other half of the genes a baby inherits. Girls don’t produce sperm and don’t have testicles.
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  • Further information

    The testicles are part of what is often referred to as a boy’s “private parts.” That's because it's part of the body we keep clothed and private. We usually touch this area when we wash or go to the bathroom. A parent or doctor may touch this area for the same reasons, or check it to make sure it's okay. But nobody else should touch this part of your body. If that happens, tell a trusted grown-up.
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    Some body parts are on the outside, where we can see them. Others are on the inside, where we never see them. How many outside body parts can you name? How many inside body parts? Which outside body parts do we always try to cover with clothes? 

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