Why do birds chirp?

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Even though animals cannot talk, they can still communicate! From body language like wagging tails to noises like howls and purrs and neighs, animals have ways of telling us (and each other) how they feel!

The same goes for birds and their beautiful chirping! Different birds have different kinds of chirps and songs that they each sing for certain reasons. Mostly it’s the males who do the chirping, which helps them do things like attract a mate or tell others that they’ve claimed a certain area as their nesting territory!

Singing and chirping is a really helpful way for birds to do their communicating. When they sing, many birds know to use sounds and tunes that won’t be quieted by what’s around them, like thick forest trees or loud running water. They also have the advantage of flying up to a branch and singing out to what’s around them, instead of trying to do it down near the ground where their range would be more limited. – NEAT!


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    If you want to sing out…Scientists who study birds' songs have even learned to identify some of the songs and what they seem to mean! – Are you able to do any impressions of bird calls? Or, do you have your own version of this neat habit and sometimes break into song when you are feeling a certain way?!

    What is it about singing that you think helps some people to express themselves?



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