Why do bats sleep upside down?

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Have you ever seen a bat hanging upside down from a tree, fast asleep? If you think it looks like an uncomfortable way to rest, you might have wondered why they sleep upside down!?

Not all bats are the same, but there are a few reasons why so many of them sleep hanging down from tree branches. One reason has to do with flying. Most bats aren’t able to fly if they start off on the ground; instead, to get the momentum (speed) that they need to fly, they have to start by dropping into the air from a tall perch. Hanging out on a tree branch is a perfect solution! By dropping into flight instead of working up from the ground, bats are also able to conserve (save) more energy. They’re even built with special strong claws to help them hold on tight when they’re hanging around.

Another reason bats sleep upside down, way up on a tree branch is that it helps them stay away from lots of other animals (like cats or snakes) who might otherwise try to eat them!

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    Remember, dropping into flight from a tree branch is a special Bat-Only Talent. Humans aren’t built the same way, so leave all of the upside-down hanging-around to the pros!

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