Why do baboons have pink bottoms?

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The baboon is an animal with a pretty strange claim to fame it has a big pink bottom! Those big pink bottoms do serve a purpose. You know how snails carry around their shells and use them as shelter or a home? Well baboons use their big pink butts for cushions! 

These monkeys can’t build comfy chairs like people can, so they carry around their seat cushions on their bodies. It is believed that these padded rear-ends (which are also called “ischial callosities”) help baboons with balance when they are sitting, sleeping, eating, and grooming on the branches of trees. 

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    Functional Features

    Baboons use their butts for balance. What other animals have special body parts that they use for special purposes?

    Snails were mentioned up above. What about woodpeckers? What about frogs? How do these special features help the animals survive?

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