Why do animals have fur?

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You may have learned about how animals get classified into types, such as mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and so on. One of the things that makes mammals special is that it’s mammals who always have fur or hair!

The main reason why mammals need fur is to keep them warm! Mammals (which include animals such as cats, dogs, apes, horses, hamsters, giraffes, bears, deer, and many more) are “warm-blooded.” This means that mammals’ bodies are constantly working to keep their temperature in a good place. For example, to cool down a mammal will pant or sweat. To warm up, a mammal will get help from its warm hair or fur! Fur also helps lots of mammals with camouflage (blending in to their surroundings) or sometimes (like with a porcupine’s spikes) a mammal’s hair can even help with self-defense!

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