Why can't you eat the peel on some fruits?

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Different fruits have different kinds of peels, and some are more edible than others. Think about some fruits that you’ve eaten, and the kinds of peels they have. Apples and nectarines have soft, thin, fleshy peels. So do blueberries, peaches, plums, grapes, and apricots. Kiwis have itchy, fuzzy skins. Oranges and bananas have thick peels we can open with our hands. Watermelons and honeydews have really thick and hard rinds that need to be cut.

Do you notice a pattern? Most of the fruit peels that we eat are the ones that are soft and easy to chew. In some cases, like blueberries, they’d be almost impossible to separate from the fruit itself. Plus, the skins and peels of these fruits can be really good for you, packed with healthy nutrients your body needs!

Unlike the peels we tend to eat, most of the ones that aren’t eaten are peeled away because the peel is hard to chew or simply just tastes bad. In some cases, whether or not to eat the peel is personal choice, according to taste. Some people might also use a peel they don’t eat raw in a cooked dish.

If you’re going to eat the peel on a fruit, remember that you should first try to wash it really well. Then, you can enjoy your healthy, delicious snack!

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    How to use those peels!Certain fruit peels which you might normally throw away can actually be used to make all kinds of yummy foods! Some of the ones which are too bitter to eat by themselves, like lemons and oranges, can make really delicious ingredients when you're cooking!

    Using a special kitchen tool called a “zester,” you can scrape off tiny bits of the peels of certain fruits. It's kind of like grating cheese, but for a fruit! The “zest” of the fruit actually has a lot of flavor in it, and can make a great addition to foods that might surprise you, like lemon peel in sugar cookies!

    You can also use peels for making certain kinds of jams, like orange marmalade.

    Ask a grown-up to help you find a recipe that uses the peel or zest of a peel from a fruit whose peel you otherwise wouldn't eat. Make the recipe together, and discover how delicious that peel can actually be!



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