Why can't we live on the moon?

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Have you ever thought about how cool it would be to live on the moon?? Even though it sounds awesome, living on the moon would unfortunately be pretty tough – the moon doesn’t have all of the important things that make life on Earth possible!
You probably already know that one of the most essential things humans need to survive is water. – While there is some water to be found on the moon, from what we know right now it probably wouldn’t be enough for us to survive.
Another thing essential to humans is oxygen. Have you ever seen pictures of astronauts on the moon? They wear special suits with oxygen tanks so that they can breathe. Unless we built special structures and buildings on the moon and put oxygen into them, we wouldn’t be able to live on the moon without wearing oxygen tanks all the time.
In addition to lacking in water and oxygen, the moon also doesn’t have a special atmosphere, like Earth does. Earth’s atmosphere gives us livable weather conditions and the right amount of gravity. On the moon, there is no real atmosphere; because of this, temperatures are both much too hot and too cold. The moon also has only about one-sixth as much gravity as Earth, an amount that our bodies are not adjusted to living with.
The cool thing is that thanks to technology, we’ve been able to send astronauts to the moon to learn more and more about its conditions and what it might be able to offer to us some day!
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