Why can't cats have children with dogs?

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It may seem like a really cool idea that two of your favorite animals, like cats and dogs, might have a baby together. – It would probably be the coolest animal ever! So why don’t different kinds of animals ever have babies?

In some cases, two different kinds of animals can have a baby together. One good example is a mule, which comes from a horse and a donkey having a baby together. However, in most cases, different kinds of animals are not interested in having babies together. Even though you might see two different animals getting along together really well, their bodies usually have a natural instinct to look for another animal of their kind in order to have children.

Most of the time, different animals are not built in a way that would allow them to have a baby together even if they wanted to. And even in cases where two different animals are able to have a baby, the offspring are usually not very strong because the mixture of characteristics they get from their two different parents makes it hard to survive; all living things have evolved over time to become the way they are, and the reason why certain animal mixes have not become common is because it’s too tough for them to grow up and be strong enough to survive and have more babies!

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  • Further information

    • Even though it's not common for two different animals to have children together, it's much more common for two different types of the same animal to have children! This is especially true of dogs and cats, where you'll often see a puppy who is half of one type of dog and half of another type of dog, such as half Labrador and half Collie!
    • When it comes to humans, similar rules apply: two different types of people who want to have children together can do so, just like a Lab and a Collie. However, humans cannot have children with other animals who are not humans.
  • Exploration

    So many kinds!

    Think about some animals you know that are half of one type and half of another. Often a cat or dog who is a mixture is called a “mutt,” and these mutts can be very cute!

    Do you know any kids who have parents that seem very different? What do you think is really special about having two unique backgrounds??

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