Why can’t all kids go to school?

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Have you ever thought about how great it is to go to school? Although it can be easy to complain about the rules and the homework, it’s also important to think about school as something we’re really lucky to have! School gives us the chance to learn the things we need to know as we grow up. Have you ever dreamed of some day becoming a doctor or architect or painter or even the president? Without knowing about science and math and art and history, that wouldn’t be possible! 

Going to school helps people to be able to lead good lives. People without education usually have a hard time getting jobs and earning the money they need. Unfortunately, there are kids around the world who aren’t lucky enough to be able to go to school. Some kids aren’t able to go to school because their families can’t afford it; in lots of countries, kids go to school for free, but not everywhere. Many kids also don’t get to go to school because schools aren’t even available where they live! Sometimes families who are poor keep their kids home from school so the kids can help work. Other kids have to stay home to help take care of other family members.

Because learning is so important, everyone deserves a chance to go to school and it’s unfair that some kids have to miss out. – The next time the school bell rings, try to remember how lucky you are to be there!

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