Why can I see the moon during the daytime?

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You might already know the reason why the moon shines – the moon itself does not have any light, but it reflects the light of the sun and that gives it its shine! The reason why you can see the moon during the day is the same – the sun shines so much light onto the moon that it’s still bright enough to see even in daylight

Sometimes you might not see the moon during the day, but this usually depends on clouds that are in the way or what phase the moon is in. The moon orbits around the Earth, which is why it sometimes looks like just a sliver and sometimes looks big and full. When it’s in certain phases, the moon can occasionally be harder to spot during the day even though it’s still there!

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    Just like the moon is still around during the day, so are the stars! The only difference is that you don’t see stars during the day because the light from the sun makes the sky so bright that it overpowers their light. But because the light being reflected by the moon is much brighter, you can often still see it even when the sky is all lit up by the sun! 

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    Mr. Moon!

    Here are some other neat facts about the moon!

    Have you ever wondered how big the moon is?? Do you think it’s bigger, smaller, or the same size as Earth? – The answer is that it’s about ¼ the size of Earth!

    How far away do you think the moon is from Earth? A couple of miles? – More like an average of 238,855 miles! WHOA!

    What else have you learned about the moon?
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