Why can humans talk?

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Many scientists think one of the most special things about humans is that we are able to talk! Scientists have investigated and discovered several different factors that all seem contribute to this very important human ability.

For example, humans have a special area of the brain that is linked to language and speech. While other animals like chimps also have this same area of the brain, there are slight (but important) differences in things like the size and location of this part of the brain, which might contribute to why we can talk and other animals (even chimps) can’t.

Another reason why we’re able to speak might have to do with our genes. Certain researchers have found a gene that all animals have, but which is slightly different in humans than in other animals. Because this gene has also been linked to speech and language, its possible that this unique gene is a contributor to humans’ ability to speak!

In addition to our genes and our brains, humans are also built with all of the equipment to control our voices: Throat, lungs, tongue, lips, voice-box. While other animals also have these parts, the shape, flexibility, and ability to control them for speech is something notably human!

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    Talk to me!In addition to talking with words, humans can also communicate without words. Think, for example, about body language (such as rubbing your belly to show hunger!) and about sign languages, in which speakers talk and communicate using special gestures, movement, and facial expressions.

    Do you know any sign language? In the U.S., the most common form of sign language is American Sign Language, or ASL. Find out if your can learn how to say words like “please” and “thanks,” or how finger-spell the alphabet!



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